Max LaRue


Max is an interaction designer in Fort Collins, Colorado. 


Max LaRue

Hi there! 

For about two years have been working in interaction design as a UX and UI designer as the culmination (thus far!) of a lifelong passion for usability. I graduated from CU Denver with a degree in Digital Design in 2017 where my education cultivated a human-centered approach to design in my work. 

I have skills and experience in every stage of the UX workflow, from ideation and card sorts, all the way up to wireframes and even UI development and prototyping. I also have experience in more abstract usability projects involving behavior design and wayfinding. 

I believe that user experience design is more of a science than an art, and to treat it as a subjective expression of the designer's artistry is to miss the mark entirely. Interaction design is applied research to improve the lives of the users and meet the needs of stakeholders. 

I view proper UX design as maintaining equilibrium within an ecosystem comprised of designers, users, and business needs. If all parts of the ecosystem are accomplishing their goals, then my job has been done correctly. I try to tackle every problem I face with this mentality and reach solutions through data driven research, empathy, and design practices that toe the line between necessary innovation and recognizable standards. 

It is the duty of every interaction designer to make life easier for everyone their work touches, even in the smallest of ways. It is exciting, necessary, and invigorating work that I cannot wait to delve deeper into.  

I have worked with ThinkTank, Lousy, and the Colorado Center for Community Development in Denver, Colorado as well as INDEX: Design to Improve Life, Gehl Architects, and Krukow Behavioral Design in Copenhagen, Denmark.