Max LaRue


Max is an interaction designer in Fort Collins, Colorado. 


Max LaRue

I graduated from CU Denver with a degree in Digital Design in 2017. My education ever since high school has been focused around a human-centered approach, not only to design, but to every part of the world that we touch. In a way, those two things are very much the same. 

As an interaction designer, I believe that it is my moral imperative to create the best solutions possible to any given problem because I value usability on a deeply personal level. If we're not designing for humans, then who are we designing for? 

My skills are in User Experience design in the truest sense, though I also have extensive experience in visual design, User Interface design, motion design, print design, and web application design. 

I have worked with INDEX: Design to Improve Life, Gehl Architects, and Krukow Behavioral Design in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as ThinkTank, and the Colorado Center for Community Development in Denver, Colorado.