Max LaRue
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Crisper – The all-in-one Kitchen Companion

The All-in-one Kitchen Companion


Project: Connected UX Environment
Role: UX/UI Designer
Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Invision, Marvel App, After Effects

It’s far too easy to buy groceries that you already had, but forgot you had. This leads to unnecessary groceries and spoiled food. What if there was a system that kept track of all your food so this never happened? What if it used this data to give you the healthiest and most effective recipes that use the ingredients you already have? That's Crisper– The all-in-one Kitchen Companion.


What Crisper looks like


The constraints and concerns of connected UX

A connected environment works best when it plays to the behavior of a user who has to perform related tasks in varying contexts. The tricky part of designing this system was in making sure that every element was accounted for and used in ways that were unique to the device. The smart watch couldn't do features that were better implemented on the phone, and the Echo had to present information in a way that made took full advantage of what a voice interface can do. 


In order for Crisper to work as effortlessly as it could, it requires a method of monitoring all of the food that comes in and goes out of a user's refrigerator and cabinets. While moving forward, it should be clear that the technology capable of monitoring all the food was something I had to incorporate into the design without having it exist. 


Card Sorts


Multi-Device Flow

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The user is more important to consider when mapping out flows for a connected environment because every device involved needs to compliment that places that the user is and the tasks they need to accomplish.


Information Architecture


iPhone Screens